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TRX Android Suite is a streaming client/server for many of the latest Whistler brand scanners. You must have access to a computer running the included Windows server application. The application suite allows you to listen to (and control) your desktop scanner via your Android device while you are across the house or across the world. Compatible with the TRX-1, TRX-2, WS-1080, WS-1088, WS-1095 & WS-1098.

Notable Features:

Special Notes:

Rotary Control Notes:

Download Link: - Version 1.1c.3 (6/20/2018) - Version 1.1c.2 (6/11/2018) - Version 1.1c.1 (3/31/2018) - Version 1.1c (8/23/2017) - Version 1.1b (8/4/2017) - Version 1.1a (8/3/2017) - Version 1.1 (8/1/2017) - Version 1.0 (7/27/2017)

Quick Setup Test Hint:

Load Whistler's Remote Control Demo to test and ensure that software can communicate with the scanner. Make sure your data cable and audio patch cables are hooked up.

Settings Dialog:

Android Permissions Needed:

Registration Information:

Trial is limited to 7,000 data packets (about 10 minutes) of actual streaming reception per day (not receiving data is not counted).
The Windows server has no limits.
Registration removes this limit and costs $30 via PayPal only.
This is 3rd party software and NOT connected to Whistler, please do not contact them for help with this software suite..

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When entering registration information, it must be EXACT, case sensitive, spaces - EVERYTHING.

Generic Networking info (useful for any server application):

The networking part of all of this is a bit advanced, but it is the same way for my suite as it is for any other server you want on your local machine, ftp, mindcraft, web, etc.

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